November 2004

“Touch the earth, love the earth, honor her plains, her valleys, her hills and her seas; rest your spirit in her solitary places.” 
Henry Beston

Preservation of land at Chiwaukee South continues steadily thanks to your generous donations. The good news is that we were able to purchase lot #97, as well as 3 more lots. We spent $27,900 on new land acquisitions. Trish Stocking of TNC has said, "If it wasn't for CPPF, land acquisition would virtually come to a halt at the Chiwaukee Prairie."

Chiwaukee North is also growing!
In 2003-2004 the DNR was able to purchase 10 lots and a 13 acre parcel. They currently have 381 acres preserved, with 95 lots left to purchase.

Thank you for your faithful contributions.

"We repeat our promise: With your help we will continue until the last piece of land has been preserved."

A few words from our President

It's that time of year again, to send greetings to our loyal supporters!

I was down at Chiwaukee recently and was delighted to find that the gentian's bluest fringes were definitely curling beautifully in the sun, and the New England asters were spreading their royal purple in profusion around the landscape. In addition there were some much smaller flowers that looked as if they should have bloomed in the spring, gerardia with its pinkish purplish bells, and the delicate grass of Parnassus with its dainty green lined white petals, not to mention the glowing background of yellow sunflowers and goldenrod. All are part of the continuous pageant of bloom at the Chiwaukee Prairie.

As you know, our friends are our greatest source of income. We need to keep buying land at the prairie so that eventually our holdings will be complete. We hope you can help to maintain this fine tradition. Thank you for all your help in the past, and thank you in advance for helping again to save this great place for future generations.

Happy Holidays!

Joan H. Rohan   

Isn't it wonderful how much the prairie has grown in the last year? Your generous donations have made it all possible. Yet, there are many lots that are still privately owned. With your continued support, they too, will become part of the Chiwaukee Prairie. 

A first time gift of $100 or more, you will become a “Blazing Star”. You will receive a Blazing Star print that’s ready for framing. Artist Bernice Rosen created this print just for us. You will also be our guests for the Breakfast on the Prairie in June, and the Picnic in September.  

Blazing Star members who renew $100 memberships will be be our guests for the Breakfast in June and the Picnic in September. 

With a donation of $500 you will become a Life Member.  We will present you with a Certificate of Honor and the Blazing Star print by Bernice Rosen.  You will also be our guests at the Breakfast on the Prairie, and the Picnic in September. 

In June 2004, Erich Langenstroer began working on his Eagle Scout project.  With help from the rest of Troop 525, they made 16 bat houses. The houses were installed by Lothar Langenstroer and Keith Lehrke at homes throughout the Carol Beach area.  Erich received his Eagle Scout Badge for this project. Congratulations Erich, and our
thanks to you and Troop 525!

Do you enjoy fresh air, fun, and exercise? Join us!

The CPPF work parties still meet from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on the third Saturday of every month. You're sure to work up a hearty appetite, so bring your lunch!

You'll need to wear work clothes, gloves and protective eye wear. Now that the prairie is even bigger, so is the work load! We really need your help! The work days for November and December are held at Barnes Prairie. Meet us at 121st St. and 2nd Ave. and we'll drive over to Barnes.

Did you know that if you do a minimum of 2 hours of volunteer work a month you qualify for discounted groceries through an organization called SHARE? Visit their web site for more information:

And the Award goes to...

Donna Peterson. Donna is the recipient of the Racine Volunteer Center's 2004 Environmental Award! She received the award for her outstanding work with the environment.


CPPF has received the Virginia M. Kline Award from the Aldo Leopold Foundation, along with a check for $2000.00! We have been acknowledged for our excellence in community-based ecological restoration. The hard work of our volunteers for the past ten years has made this possible. Thank you!

CPPF is also the recipient of the Chicago Wilderness Excellence in Conservation Award in the Project Category.  It is the biggest recognition award for the nearly 200 member CW coalition. In spite of stiff competition we received the award for :

  • Our tenacity and long term commitment

  • Our citizen driven project, all volunteer

  • The diverse support we have garnered

  • The uniqueness of the site

  • Spreading awareness of the site

  • The fact that the project sums up the CW spirit


Congratulations and thank you to all of our fine volunteers!

Chiwaukee Prairie and The Nature Conservancy Suffer the Loss of Good Friends

Joan M. Angelo died March 24, 2004. She was a long time supporter and member of The Nature Conservancy, as well as a board member of CPPF. She was especially interested in the Barnes prairie which was near her home. Her yard was a reflection of her love of nature.

Samuel C. Johnson passed away in May 2004. He was a member of The Nature Conservancy's Board of Governors from1990 to 2000, and served as chair from 1998 to 2000.

While championing the Conservancy at the international level, he remained loyally devoted to his home state of Wisconsin. For approximately 40 years he gave generously of his time, wisdom and financial support.

The early history of Chiwaukee Prairie shows that Sam and his wife, Gene, were the first significant donors to the Chiwaukee Prairie. With the support of outstanding friends like Sam and Gene Johnson, preservation of Chiwaukee Prairie was off to a good start.

Fourth grade students of Kenosha's Roosevelt School's Enrichment Program cleaned a portion of the prairie this spring.
Haley Marzlof raised $220.50 for land acquisition. She also coordinated the clean up as part of her project for their school fair. Miss Sells is their teacher.

Thank you Haley and classmates!

Greg Weitzel (second from left) earned his Eagle Scout Badge in the summer of 2003 by alleviating the housing shortage for bluebirds in Carol Beach. He and Matt Shalerack, Austin Gunelach, and Trevor Gunelach of Troop 126, built and installed 20 birdhouses. Thanks guys! The bluebirds thank you too!


CPPF Recognizes Our 2004 Volunteers

Neka Allen
Frederick Brookhouse
George & Faith Bushnell
Dawn Feldman-Brown
Pete Car
Deanna Castellanos
Cathy Chybowski
Kathy Cole
Amy Crawford
Alan Eppers
Alex Felland
Merra Gombar
Tom Gonzales
Shirley Graham
Ron Grasshoff
John Harbeck
Gus & Renate Hauser
Pam Holy
Eric Howe
Scott Ingersoll
Carl Johanson
Fourth Graders from Roosevelt Enrichment Program
Ann Jolicoeur
Kenosha Girl Scouts
Bradford Key Club
Ted Keyel
Jim Major
Dennis Martin
Kristen Meader
Lenore Lee
Kay McClelland
Marcia O’Day
Heather Patti
Donna Peterson
John Rock
Stan Rosenstiel
Dave Roszkowski
John & Monica Schluckbier
Bruce Sedloff
Don Snyder
Lenny Weiss
Marcia Wensing
Lake Forest College Students

CPPF Board of Directors 2004

Joan Rohan, President  (262) 634-5245
Gus Hauser, Vice President  (262) 694-3631
Eric Howe, Treasurer  (262) 594-5853
Bruce Sedloff, Secretary  (262) 857-7082
Renate Hauser, Corresponding Secretary

Marcia Wensing, Stewardship Chair-South
Donna Peterson, Land Acquisition-South
Heather Patti, Stewardship-South
Lenny Weiss, Stewardship-South
Pam Holy, Chicago Wilderness Representative
Dawn Feldman-Brown, Hike & Education
Ann Jolicoeur, Newsletter Editor


Sue Tragesser, Membership & Labels
Steve Richter, The Nature Conservancy
Phil Sander, Historian
Marty Johnson, DNR Wildlife Manager 
Richard Barloga, Naturalist

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